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Aleksandr V. Inzartsev, Doctor of Engineering, Chief Research Scientist of the Institute of Marine Technology Problems (IMTP) of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS).

He was born 21st of July, 1960. In 1983, he graduated from the Department of Radioengineering and Cybernetics of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a degree in automatic control systems. In 1981 while being a student, he joined the Department of Underwater Robotics, Institute of Automation and Control Processes (IACP) of the Far Eastern Scientific Center of the Academy of Sciences. Since 1988, he moved to the IMTP organized on the basis of the Department, where he currently works. During that time, he rose through the ranks from the Intern Researcher to the Chief Research Scientist and the Director of the Laboratory of Control Systems (since 2000). He received a Ph.D. degree in 1999 and a Doctor of Engineering degree in 2012.

His research area includes principles of developing the control systems of multifunction autonomous vehicles (AUV) and its software architecture and methods of AUV behavior shaping during different class survey and investigation tasks.

At different times, he was a Software Architect and Deputy Chief Designer responsible for software development for AUV control systems in different IMTP FEB RAS projects in underwater robotics. Since 1986, he has participated in the development of following AUVs: MT-88, "Razum", TSL, CR-01(02), OKRO-6000, MT-98, MMT-3000, "Piligrim", "Platforma", "Galtel", and the "Klavesin-1R", which is the first AUV to be introduced into service by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. When creating the AUVs, Inzartsev A.V. had developed and implemented the concept of a hybrid software architecture of control systems for survey AUVs, utilizing hierarchical and behavioral control structures. For the tactical level of the architecture, a library of control agents was created, which allows solving a wide range of surveys and some search and investigation tasks (a set of functions for automatic inspection of extended artificial objects).

Inzartsev A.V. is an author and co-author of more than 200 scientific works, including three monographs, magazine articles, scientific reports, and international, All-Union and All-Russian conferences proceedings (h-indexes: WoS – 2, Scopus – 9, RSCI – 16).