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Scientific and technical journal about exploration ocean problems

“Underwater Investigations and Robotics” is an academic Journal focusing on the World Ocean study and development and relating to the area of knowledge at the intersection of Engineering, Administration, Robotics, Informatics, Computer Engineering, Oceanology, etc.

The objective of the Journal is to provide the reader with systemized and reliable information on the most significant scientific developments, theoretical and experimental results of underwater environment and bottom investigation as well as to consolidate the efforts of scientific and business communities as would-be users of the latest achievements in the field of underwater research technologies.

The Journal “Underwater Investigations and Robotics” publishes research articles, reviews, problem-touching and debating broad-covering publications on ocean study and development methods and technologies.

Scope of the Journal

  • underwater research and robotics fundamental problems;
  • underwater vehicles, robot systems and techniques;
  • underwater navigation and control;
  • information and control models and architectures;
  • direct and remote sensing methods of ocean research ( acoustic, geophysical, physicochemical and landscape investigations);
  • ocean resources development (Marine Geology, Power-Engineering, Biotechnology, Ecology and water environment monitoring);
  • marine expeditions, underwater survey, deepwater tests and technical experiments.

The Journal is published in Russian. The Journal contents and abstracts are published in Russian and in English.

The federal service for supervision of communications, information technology, and mass media.
Registration Certificate: ПИ № ФС77-77237 of 25 November 2019.

Authors of publications are top-level researchers, renowned and young scholars of scientific communities and higher education institutions of Russia including the Far East, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ural, Siberia, and other countries. The Journal engages the leading experts to peer-review the articles submitted.

Readership of the Journal is made by researchers community involved in underwater investigations.


Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science M. D. Ageev Institute of Marine Technology Problems, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Founded in 2006

Issues per year: from 2006 to 2018 - 2 issues per year, from 2019 - 4

Subscribe to the Journal:

The subscription index in the electronic catalog of the Russian Post agency is PM285.

The Journal “Underwater Investigations and Robotics” is included in the List of Peer-Reviewed Journals by the Higher Attestation Comission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and is indexed by the Russian Science Citation Index System.

The Journal is available on line at http://elibrary.ru and http://jmtp.febras.ru and allows open access to its contents.

The articles are published free of charge.